I aim to help people unlock their truest potential through movement.

The single thing that connects us all.

Image by Paul Rutherfod

Image by Paul Rutherfod


Ask yourself.

What was the name of the person who poured your coffee this morning? How was their day going? Did you ask? 

Or the last thing you said to your partner, love, roommate as you walked about the door? 

Or the last time you made eye contact with a stranger on the street? And when was the last time you made that eye contact and didn’t immediate look away?


“Let’s redefine the human experience. 

Not to take a step backwards, but to move forward with both our unlocked potential in this digital age, and the innate thread that connects our souls that we’ve worn brittle.”

— Erin bailey


We have created a world where we perceive to lead independent lives. Lives separate from each other. Some lives being more important, some lives created at a higher value point. Some egos coming in stronger, and most people just being there. 

As others. Different than ourselves. 

And we’ve chosen to see our differences first. We’ve chosen to build barriers between ourselves and every other person around us.  

Literally. And if a physical barrier isn’t present, we pick up our phones and create a digital wall.


We’re here to move forward.

To reconnect.

To live eyes wide open.

- Erin Bailey

Image by Emily Costopoulos


Think about it.

What if we changed the way we walked through this world. What if we chose to see the people in our lives. What if we lived eyes wide open. Heart speaking first. Ego taking a back seat. What if the importance of our lives was directly tied to the impact we made in each moment, opposed to our titles, salaries, and follower numbers. What if we chose to make people feel empowered, feel seen. What if that’s what we were measured against.



years in the fitness industry


chance I’ve eaten ice cream today


of people say good morning back to me on my walk to work


My Mission.


I want you to re-think how you chose to interact with the world. I want you to identify how you move through life, both through physical journey’s and with your mental state.

We simply would not exist without movement.

To allow us to get from place to place.

To allow us thrive in new connections made.

To allow us to grow in strength and endurance.

Our lives our centered around movement. We’re going to talk about that here.

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Image by Patrick Daly

Image by Patrick Daly


Stay Connected.