My Morning Joys: Sweat and Fuel

This post is sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company, but all opinions are my own.

I love mornings. There's something about a new beginning, a fresh start that genuinely puts a smile on my face. Every day you have the opportunity to decide what your day will be like, putting yesterday behind you and getting the chance to start again. 

So each morning I like to wake up and jump into something that brings me joy, something to set the tone for the day. Often that's teaching, but almost always it involves movement and fuel. The more I move in the morning and fuel properly, the more I set myself up for success in the rest of my day. 

Sharing one of my favorite go-to quick sweats with you and  fuel to help you get going for the rest of the day… insert Quaker’s Overnight Oats (New!!). 

I treat this workout as an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible), giving myself a certain amount of time usually 15-20 min, and go non-stop high intensity as long as I can. Give it a go :)

Total Body Morning Sweat: AMRAP
10 Squats
10 Step-ups (each leg)
10 Split lunges (each leg)
10 Push-ups
10 Plank twists (each side)

Then we fuel for the day. I’m often out of the house early mornings and late nights not leaving much time for cooking. I’ve always been a big fan of overnight oats, but don’t always make time to make my own, so Quaker decided to do it for me. They’ve recently come out with individually packaged overnight oats, which include a delicious blend of oats, quinoa, flaxseed, nuts and fruits. All you need to do is add milk to it at night and let the mixture cold-steep in the refrigerator overnight. And the next morning it’s ready to enjoy when you wake up. No morning prep required! With 100% whole grains oats and other grains and no artificial flavors or added colors, it’s an easy and nutritious breakfast I often enjoy to help fuel me for the rest of my day.

Mornings. Start your day on the right foot. Set the tone. #ChaseJoy