The Show: THANK YOU (Part 2)

I have so many Thank You's that I tried to keep it brief...but couldn't so it gets it's own post!

  1. My Coach, Johnny. He's the greatest coach I could have asked for. It felt like just yesterday we met in the atrium of my office building to discuss what competition prep would even look like for me. I was slightly terrified, completely unprepared, and honestly had no idea what I was doing. But that didn't matter: he pushed me, he taught me, he challenged me. I am so grateful for it all, and so grateful to have him as my friend. Johnny you're such a talented trainer and I'm lucky to be on your team.
  2. Jen. I would not have made it through Saturday without this wonderful lady. She kept me pretty and laughing all day. I was really nervous and kind of dreading the actual competition part but having her there with me made it so much fun. She's fabulous and gorgeous and totally crushed it. Truly love this lady. (Jen - I think I decided that my body building posing song would be Tambourine by Eve...JK...but seriously :) )
  3. Ry Guy. Best boyfriend ever. He put up with me for the past six months of dieting and crazy workouts. He went on Whole Food runs for me when I was swamped with work/workouts and out of Tilapia. He brought me my lunches when I forget them. He cooked dinner for us when workout sessions ran late. He bought me my favorite cake, flowers, wine, coffee cake, signs, beer and most cream. He did everything he could to support me and help prepare me for something he didn't totally agree with, but that didn't matter because he was there for me. He's just the best. I couldn't have done it without you babe.
  4. Mom and Dad and Megs!!! They've supported me immensely from afar and I couldn't be more grateful. On days of low energy I could count on them, that they were only a phone call away for a pep talk. They sent me endless cards to share support and positive vibes. And best of all DAD'S FAMOUS COOKIES!!!! I couldn't have imagined a better post-show treat :)
  5. Steph/Mike/Carlos/Arielle (My co-workers). Thank you for understanding my insane schedule, not making fun of my weird lunches, and putting up with my hungry moodiness! Oh and thanks for keeping me away from the kid cereal and M&M's. That was clutch. You all have been so supportive all day and I can't thank you enough for that. 
  6. Muh Friends. Too many to name here!! But you all know who you are. You didn't get on me for being a hermit for the past 5 months, or make fun of me for going to bed by 9:30PM every night. Thank you for the texts, comments, cards, CHAMPAGNE (Katelyn&Lily) and endless love. It never went unnoticed. 
  7. Team Anthrofit. Feels good being on such a supportive, loving team! Loren, Ashley, Nicole, Zhubin - you guys are such champs and I'm so grateful for each of you!

I'm truly feeling so blessed for you all! Coming up next is my post-comp food extravaganza was a biggie!

But first, these are the last of the pics, I promise. Some final stage shots:

and a few of the group stage shots: