My test.

As soon as you say something, it becomes real, holding you accountable to your words. So here I go...

On May 23rd, I will be competing in my first fitness physique competition. Bikini style.


This is my test. One of my best friends, Natalie, competed a few years ago and inadvertently planted a seed that maybe one day I'd go through that experience as well. Over the several months that she prepared, I saw her willpower, determination, and strength (both mentally and physically) improve immensely. She's someone I truly love and admire, and her journey was something I wasn't entirely sure if I could ever be able to go through myself.

Now, two and a half years later, that seed is still there and it's time for me to conquer my fitness journey, my test. Being passionate about fitness, I've always enjoyed trying new classes, gyms, as well as resistance and body weight techniques. While working towards my personal training certification, I realized that the main area I feel uncomfortable training someone in would be heavy lifting. Thus, I decided to hire a trainer to teach me the proper technique and learn the hands-on approach that a book could never teach. 

That's when I found Johnny, an experienced personal trainer and physique competitor. He created his own brand, AnthroFit Training, and assembled a team to compete together #TeamAnthrofit. In working with him for about six weeks, I learned a great deal and ultimately passed my personal trainer exam. I really enjoyed having someone else change up my workout routine and push me harder than I could myself. Everything seemingly fell into place, creating what I realized was the perfect opportunity to train for and enter a competition. I have a trainer I like and really trust, and I’m (still) building a network of fitness support through Instagram, Equinox, and my wonderful family, boyfriend and friends.

There will be great days, and dreadful ones. Days full of energy and spirit, and days I will never want to experience again. Days I will want to quit, and days I might succumb to the full pint of Ben & Jerry's. Days where my roommate, boyfriend and coworkers might want to stay far away. Those days I expect, because anything worth doing is going to push you and make you feel uncomfortable. But I'm looking forward to the days I wake up feeling strong and self-empowered. Days when I go to bed feeling confident in my willpower to stay away from the office cookies, and proud I squeezed in those last couple reps.

Listening to "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding as I type, how appropriate!

I feel ready. Or maybe just as ready as I ever will be. For me this has nothing to do with a stage or the bedazzled bikinis (but a little to do with a 6 pack, or I'll settle for four!), and rather everything to do with testing my own strength, both physically and mentally. I've always had a pretty consistent workout regime, and relatively clean eating habits, but I've never had to limit myself. I've never had to turn down the after lunch Reese's cup (more like 2, but who’s counting), or not pick up Ben & Jerry's on the way home. I work hard but am also blessed with a metabolism that keeps up. So here's my test: to limit myself, my indulges, my cravings, and push myself to stick to my workouts and this commitment I have made.

I'm excited to see how far I can go. I'm excited to get in touch with my mind and body, and defeat the limitations I've put on myself. I'm 16 weeks out. So join me, on my ups and my downs and this crazy experience I signed up for. I encourage you to ask questions, voice concerns, and hold me accountable.

I also have an Instagram account I'd love for you all to follow for daily check-ins! @ebaileyfitness

16 weeks. Here we go.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch. (Thanks Ma!)