I'm Erin. I grew up knowing ice cream should always live in my freezer, the beach would always feel like home, and I love to sweat. So through career changes, a big move up north, and this crazy thing called life, health and fitness has always kept me sane and happy.

By day I'm a marketing consultant and love being able to combine my love for marketing and fitness into one, helping health and fitness companies share their mission through social media and influencers. 

Then in the early mornings and late nights I teach group fitness classes all around Boston and absolutely love it. There's something so special about a group of strangers coming together to sweat, one common goal, and walk out having conquered that together. For me group fitness creates community in this often isolating world. 

Stay tuned here for my latest class schedule:


  • 6:30AM RoadXStrength - EverybodyFights FiDi
  • 5:30PM TrainXStrength - EverybodyFights FiDi
  • 6:30PM BagsXCore - EverybodyFights FiDi


  • 6PM RoadXStrength - EverybodyFights FiDi


  • 7AM Power Burn - Burn Fitness - South End

My fitness journey started with Personal Training in 2014 and I enjoyed that, but quickly realized how much I love the energy and vibe of working with a group. So if you're ever in Boston I'd love to see you in one of my classes!

Stick around for my latest personal fitness challenge, favorite recipes, travels, workouts and everything in-between. And always, chase joy

Erin :)